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Accidents at Work

If you have been involved in an Accident at Work and it was not your fault,

Then you could be entitled to make a claim for compensation 


Some typical examples of work accidents include the following:

• Slipping accidents at work, e.g. slipped on a wet floor with no warning sign.

• Tripped over a cable.

• Not been provided with protective equipment.Not been provided with protective equipment.

• Had a road accident whilst delivering goods.

• Used unsuitable or faulty equipment provided by the employer.

• Manual handling injuries, e.g. had to lift heavy objects which caused an injury.

• Been provided with inadequate training.

• Been injured as a result of mistakes made by other employees.

• Involved in a forklift truck (FLT) accident.

• Construction site accidents, including scaffolding accidents and ladder accidents.

Some common accidents at work include:

Slip/Trip Injuries, Back Injury due to Lifting Objects, Forklift Truck Accidents, Scaffolding Accidents, Factory Accidents, Vibration White Finger, Asbestos Related Disease, , Industrial Deafness, Accidents due to Inadequate Training

All employers have to comply with strict health and safety legislation to ensure that their employees are not put at risk of being injured and that the work environment is safe. Despite this, many personal injury at work or work accidents still occur – accidents which lead to injuries. Do not be afraid of claiming as your employer will have insurance. Your employer has to treat you fairly and can not dismiss you for making a compensation claim.

You normally have 3 years from when your personal injury at work occurred to start your compensation claim and you must claim within this time limit. If the work accident involved a person under 18, then the three years do not start until their 18th birthday.

Injuries sustained from work accidents may mean you have to take time off work to recover which can lead to financial difficulties. Making a work accident claim will help ease the financial burden and also provide you with treatment to enable a full recovery. In addition if there has been any loss of earnings i.e. loss of salary, medical expenses, travelling expenses etc. these can be added to your compensation claim.

We are a peoples company and can understand suffering from an injury at work could be very traumatic.

At Legal Link Scotland we have caring staff at hand that will advise you through the whole process of your claim.

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